Datavideo DN-200 DV/HDV Hard Disk Recorder

Datavideo DN-200 DV/HDV Hard Disk Recorder
Datavideo DN-200 DV/HDV Hard Disk Recorder
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The Datavideo DN-200 DV/HDV Hard Disk Recorder is an easy-to-carry, analog/digital recorder that weighs just 21.2 oz (600g) and has a 320 GB SATA hard drive for long duration recording. Capable of easily storing anywhere from 19 to 23 hours of A/V footage (depending on the format used), the recorder accepts both analogue and digital inputs, and records them in popular A/V formats. DV recordings can be stored in AVI, MOV, and MXF OP1A formats, while HDV files are stored in the M2T format. You can even use a quick utility program to record HDV files as QuickTime or MXF OP1A movies.

While recording, you can use the time-lapse feature to capture single frames at pre-defined intervals and also manually activate the single frame feature for claymation or model animation recordings, with the backlit LCD displaying the recording status and setup. The DN-200 includes a pre-record buffer that captures video starting at 8-seconds before you hit the record button, and can be very useful in capturing sudden or unexpected situations in applications such as research monitoring or location security. Allowing you to set a record date, the recorder can also read the digital time code from an incoming DV signal. The RS-232 and GPI control interface allow you to easily synchronize the time codes from multiple recorders besides ensuring simple update, trigger, and control.

With its portability, ease of connectivity, and large capacity HDD, the DN-200 DV/HDV hard disk recorder can be used in a wide variety of environments such as security, entertainment, TV broadcast, medical research, and education.

Portable Recorder with Large Storage Space
  • Weights just 21.2 oz (600g)
  • 2.5" SATA 320 GB hard drive
  • 19 to 23 hours of storage capacity (depending on file format)
  • HDD can be partitioned to create a 6 GB dedicated storage area
  • Tripod and hot shoe mountable
  • Non-volatile menu-driven settings are stored even when the unit is switched off and general settings, such as date and file type, may only need to be set once
Supports Multiple Formats for Video Recordings
  • Capable of recording from digital or analogue sources using IEEE-1394 or composite and RCA stereo connections, the DVR can also be set up to record PAL or NTSC
  • Supports drag and drop file movement to editing programs
  • HD recordings - .avi, .mov, .mxf OP1A
  • HDV recordings - .m2t (standard) or QuickTime HDV via quick software utility
Input/Output Connections
  • Composite video (BNC) and stereo audio (RCA)
  • DVC Pro 25 connectivity via IEEE-1394 FireWire
  • The FireWire digital video signal is compatible with both PC and Mac FW400 connections
  • Input time code supported
Time-lapse Recording
  • Setting can be adjusted down to single frames
  • Useful in low footfall areas (security) or outdoor recordings
Single Frame Recording
  • Manual single frame recording can be used for certain recording functions, such as stop-motion animation
8-second Pre-record Buffer
  • Built-in 8-second buffer useful in capturing sudden or unexpected situations encountered in scientific research, outdoor recordings and security usage
Set Record Date; Time Code Synch
  • Allows user to calibrate the record date
  • Useful in time code synchronization with multiple inputs
RS-32 and GPI Control Interface
  • Accessed via backlit LCD display
  • Useful in synchronizing multiple recorders
  • Ensure simple update, trigger and control
Backlit LCD Display
  • Shows a comprehensive layout of the recorder's status and setup or the menu options, when the menu button is pressed
onnections Video
Inputs: DV and HDV, composite video
Outputs: DV and HDV, composite video via A/V out

Inputs: Composite, IEEE 1394 FireWire
Outputs: IEEE 1394 FireWire, composite output via A/V out
Video Recording Format M2T recording format (compatible with more NLE systems)
4:2:0 color sampling
Audio Recording Format MPEG-1 Layer 2
Sampling rate: 48kHz
Bitrate: 384Kbps
Control Control Interface RS-232 and GPI control interface
Power Requirements 5VDC/12VDC (includes 110/220VAC power adapter)
Weight 3.9 x 1.3 x 7.8" (100 x 34 x 199mm)
Weight 1.3 lbs (0.6kg)


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