Datavideo DN-60 Digital CF Card Recorder

Datavideo DN-60 Digital CF Card Recorder
Datavideo DN-60 Digital CF Card Recorder Datavideo DN-60 Digital CF Card Recorder
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The Datavideo DN-60 Digital CF Card Recorder provides hours of high-definition recording without the hassle of tapes. Being shock-proof, the recorder can be used in open-air environments like construction sites, forests, etc. The built-in time-lapse feature offers high-quality microscope recording and animations, making it ideal for medical research, natural history, or architectural video recording. The CF card recorder is also suitable for news broadcasts, as the turn-around time from shoot to edit to air is shorter.

With an 8-second pre-record buffer, the recorder is useful in science research, outdoor recording or security applications for recording unexpected events. Flexible mounting options include a tripod or hotshoe; the recorder can also be mounted onto camcorders using a Datavideo camera mounting kit.

Each CF card has a unique volume name so that multiple cards can be used for one shooting session without confusion. With 99 bins for storing clips, and up to 97 clips per bin, identifying and accessing footage on a card becomes easier. By disabling the Sync to Tape (STO) feature, you can directly record onto the card without a tape inside the camera.

The recorder is powered by an external 6.0 VDC power source or by 4 AA batteries that provide more than 2 hours of continuous recording time.

Utilizes the solid state technology of removable and high-capacity CF memory cards, providing hours of continuous high definition recordings
Allows to take advantage of tape-less acquisition in even the toughest environments
Used in ecological recording, security systems, news interview, animal and plants growth recording
Removable CF card
  • Can be used in any PC with CF card reader, stand-alone as portable media device, or with any of the PC interface adaptors offered
  • Records popular *.avi, *.mov, *.mxf and *.m2t file formats for use with most NLEs (non-linear editing suites) presently on the market
  • Selectable NTFS or FAT32 file system compatibility
  • Every bin appears as a folder, every clip as a file
  • Secured covering for protection against harsh environment such as rain or sand
  • Unique volume names, so multiple CF cards can be mounted at the same time, very useful for multi-camera shoots
  • Supports Extra-II and Extreme III CF cards
Enhanced VTR type features
  • External time code record
  • Time-lapse (animation) recording
  • 99 Bins, independent of each other
  • Automatic clip marking, up to 97 per bin
  • RS232 control via the Sony 422 protocol
  • Selected bin is remembered when power is interrupted
8 seconds pre-record buffer, useful in recording unexpected events, especially in science research, outdoor recording or security applications
Record and playback using rugged internal Transactional File System technology and data presented in CF card through emulation of standard file systems compatible with Windows and Mac
Portable - lightweight, shockproof, & compact
Flexing mounting options include tripod and hot shoe
Can be easily mounted onto camcorders using Datavideo camera mounting kit
Time lapse recording down to single frame recording for stop motion, science, model animation or much other application
DV25 time code from the camera or generates internal time coder
Can be controlled directly by the camera through the IEEE-1394 AVC command protocol
Powered using 4 traditional AA batteries
Normal rechargeable batteries can also be used providing more than 2 hours continuous recording time on a single charging
Can also use included external power adapter
Since it has a small form factor, there is negligible loss of power
Built-in time lap feature makes it ideal for medical research & model animation
Connects directly to your existing DV or HDV camcorder via a single FireWire cable
Supports signal format
  • NTSC DV-25, DVC-25, DVC Pro-50, DVC Pro-100 (2nd Release)
  • PAL DV-25, DVC-25, DVC Pro-50, DVC Pro-100 (2nd Release)
  • HDV, HD1, HD2
Supported Signals
  • NTSC DV-25, DVC-25, DVC Pro-50
  • PAL DV-25, DVC-25, DVC Pro-50
  • HDV, HD1, HD2
Video Interface
  • Input: IEEE 1394 Firewire
  • Output: IEEE 1394 Firewire
Audio Interface
  • Input: IEEE 1394 Firewire
  • Output: IEEE 1394 Firewire
Recording Format DV25, HDV
Recording Time
  • DV25: 46.3
  • HDV: 49.4 at 1080i, 64.3 at 720p
File Format
  • DV25: .avi (Type II, Microsoft, Canopus), .mov, .mxf (OP1A)
  • HDV: .m2t
Database File Compatibility FAT32, NTFS
Control RS-232 control via the Sony 422 protocol
Power Requirements 12V typical, 8V min , 24V max
Power Consumption
  • Idle: 4.3W
  • Play/Record: 6W
  • HDD mode: 5.3W
Operating Temperature 40 - 104°F (4 - 40°C)
Dimensions (WxHxD) 4 x 1.9 x 7" (102 x 48 x 178mm)
Weight 1.1 lb (500g)
  • Operating Vibration: 1.0G (5-500 Hz)
  • Non-Operating Vibration: 5.0G (10-500 Hz)
  • Operating Shock: 250G (2ms)
  • Non-Operating Shock: 5,000G (0.5ms)


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