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Actually at JGV Pro we have an special program for the churches and ministries to get one of our Mobile Studio Units. This is like a portable television studio, which lets you connect up to four cameras to a video mixer, to view each of the cameras as the output of the program, as well as a wireless intercom system of four points. Additionally, depending on the model, allows you to record the signal on Blu ray, hard drive SSD Memory or just send your signal to any external recorder or monitor.

We only requests that the Ministry Leader contact us via e-mail , facebook or twitter with some form of identification for the organization. The following are acceptable forms:
- Tax ID # (valid only for ministries in the United States)
- Letter from Ministry Leader on organizational stationary, sent via USPS (valid for any ministries around the world).
- Another form of identification could be as simple as a letter explaining your vision and needs on personal letterhead.

Once the price has been confirmed and payment have been made, the equipment will be shipped out from our warehouse.

After you use our equipment, we ask that you post projects and/or pictures of our products in use on our facebook or twitter forum.

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